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THYROSIM is a tool for simulating a well-validated human thyroid hormone (TH) feedback regulation system model*. Users can simulate common thyroid system maladies by adjusting TH secretion/absorption rates on the interface. Oral input regimens, also selectable on the interface, simulate common hormone treatment options. Bolus and intravenous infusion inputs also can be added, for exploratory research and teaching demonstrations. For easy comparisons, the interface includes facility for superimposing two sets of simulation results.

Minimum Usage:
  1. To see normal thyroid hormone behavior: click "Simulate".
  2. To simulate hypo/hyperthyroidism: change T3/T4 secretion.
  3. To modify oral input absorption: change T3/T4 absorption.
  4. Simulate treatment options:
    1. Click the Oral Input Oral Input IV Input IV Input or Infusion Input Infusion Input icons to add as input.
    2. Fill in the required dosage, start and end times.
  1. x icon: click to delete an input.
  2. ON OFF icons: click to turn input on or off for the next run.
  3. plus minus icons: click to show or hide scrollbars.
  4. info icon: hover mouse over to see additional info.
The Euthyroid Example uses default thyroid hormone secretion/absorption values without any input doses. Simulated for 5 days. Default Example The DiStefano-Jonklaas 2019 Example-1 reproduces Figure 1 of the DiStefano-Jonklaas 2019 paper. Specifically, the simulated hypothyroidic individual (25% thyroid function) is given 123 µg T4 and 6.5 µg T3 daily for 30 days. DiStefano-Jonklass Example 1
THYROSIM is intended as an educational and research tool only. Information provided is not a substitute for medical advice and you should contact your doctor regarding any medical conditions or medical questions that you have.
It appears that you are using Internet Explorer (IE). If you are using IE, please use version 9 or above. Otherwise, to see the web-app as intended, please use a free and supported browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Input Manager
Add T3 and T4 inputs to adjust quantity and frequency:
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